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Hi my lovely Novanators! I'm Nova and welcome to my Patreon! This Patreon page covers my reaction channel I do with my mom- Nova Indigo React. By becoming a patron, you guys will get access to reactions a day in advance, full length movie reactions and full length TV show reactions. And all of it at a pretty low price - 3 dollars for early access, 4 dollars for full length movie reactions and only 5 dollars for full length TV show reactions. 

With your support, you'll make it possible for me to make Youtube a full-time job and keep me from living on the streets (or with my mom forever, who I love, but ya know, I should probably move out someday lol). Patreon offers me a more consistent income to make tons of videos and great content for you guys every single day!

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You can help determine which tv show and film series my mom and I react to next for our Reaction channel.

Early Access to Reactions
per month
  • You will get early access reactions a whole day in advance to all the shows on my reaction channel.
  • So, on Sunday, you will get The Walking Dead reactions and on Mondays, you will get Vikings reactions and so on.  Changes when we do new shows. 
  • I'll give you a visual shout-out at the end of out videos. If you want to remain antonymous, let me know. 
Full Length Film Reactions
per month
  • You can access the full length reactions to the films my mom and I watch, which include all the MCU films, Disney films, so on
  • You'll have to use you're own video of the movies to sync up with out reactions, but I've included the first few seconds of the movie in our reaction video, so you guys will know when to start playing your own video. 
  • You will also get access to the third level tier of early access reactions and vote in polls. 
  •  I'll give you a visual shout-out at the end of out videos. If you want to remain antonymous, let me know.  
20 – reached! patrons
We did it! We reached our first goal. After we do The Haunting of Hill House for the Halloween Season, we will start Breaking Bad!
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