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About Novelty Revisions

What is Novelty Revisions?

Novelty Revisions isn't your ordinary writing blog. I'm not here to teach you basic writing techniques, tell you repeatedly how to start writing a book or show you how to succeed in self-publishing. Based on my philosophies and experiences as a long-time writer and creative human, Novelty offers both actionable advice and much-needed tough love for writers who are already committed to putting their ideas into words. Writing is a commitment. You'll learn how to combine and apply old and new skills to make writing happen using techniques that work for you - whether you're just getting started or you're already far down the road to publishing success.

Novelty is for any kind of writer or creator - from novelists to future TV show creators to aspiring journalists and freelance writers. You have ideas. It's time to sit down, unplug, and start putting those ideas into words.

Who is Meg Dowell?

Hello! Hi! I'm a professional writer and editor and an aspiring internet creator. I'm just here to help people act on their creative impulses. I've never been the kind of person to sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. I'm always creating something, which is why I rebranded my blog and officially launched Novelty in March of 2015. I'm part of the generation everyone assumes is lazy and entitled (and maybe for some, the stereotypes are true). Creativity and laziness don't mix. If you want to be a writer, you have to put in the effort and make something out of your ideas. That's what I'm here to do - help you help yourself figure out how to create your own success.

Why Novelty needs your support

I started a blog in 2009 because Meg Cabot had a blog. I wanted to be a writer, just like Meg Cabot. So I started blogging.

It took six years to develop that blog into something that had a "real" audience - people outside my very small circle of friends and family who might read what I had to say.

I didn't know it then, but starting a blog about writing would eventually help launch my career. If it weren't for that experience, I wouldn't be able to do what I do now - help creators put their ideas into words.

Novelty Revisions has doubled in subscribers this year - which means it's time to step it up and do more for everyone who has come to know and love what I do daily for my audience.

What I've discovered over the past few months, though, is that it's taking a lot of time to write great content, respond to comments and plan new things like free ebooks, a writing mentorship program and new site design to make it easier for people to find what they're looking for.

I have always said I do not want to do any kind of advertising on Novelty Revisions. My goal is to help new and aspiring writers. Placing ads on my blog and doing affiliate marketing would take away from that mission. These kinds of things work for some blogs, but not this one. I'm not here to sell you things. However, to spend even 10 hours or more on the blog per week right now isn't feasible unless I have a little bit more financial stability. That's where you come in.

How your support will help

Whether you are a long-time reader, you've just joined the community or you just want to support what I'm doing to help writers and creatives around the world, I hope you will consider giving a monthly donation to Novelty Revisions and all associated projects.

For as little as $1 a month, you can become a Novelty Revisions patron and gain access to some awesome perks. As a result, I'll be able to dedicate more time to bringing you more awesome things on the blog, including:

  • 7+ posts per week,
  • A weekly episode of the Brain Rush podcast (currently on hiatus due to time constraints)
  • Videos, videos, videos,
  • Free ebooks to help you level up your writing career,
  • A writing mentorship program that pairs new writers with those more experienced in the industry,
  • Independent writing courses to help you build and maintain an online presence as a writer,
  • And more, based on feedback and suggestions from active patrons.

I practice what I preach. The same way I'm always telling my readers to set and work toward their goals, I have in mind a few goals for Novelty Revisions in 2017 - goals your support will help to achieve.

  • $100 of monthly support exclusively from Novelty Revisions patrons by the end of the year will guarantee that I can continue to publish posts daily through the end of 2017. This will allow me to spend more time developing content that will help you achieve your writing goals and keep you motivated to excel. Also, as you might already know, I'm terrible at responding to comments in a timely manner. That will no longer be a problem once we hit this milestone.
  • $500 of monthly support will allow me to dedicate more time to developing new projects under the Novelty Revisions brand - books, podcasts, courses, you name it. No, really. Becoming a patron also allows you to ask questions and suggest new things you want me to develop on your behalf.
  • $1,000 of monthly support means I can start developing new blogs under the Novelty Revisions brand, specifically focused on teaching freelance writers, bloggers and journalists how to write under more specific disciplines (e.g., health, science, psychology).

Every small amount makes a huge difference. Your support, and the perks you'll get along the way, will enrich your writing experience and help inspire you to keep creating awesome things.

So what are these perks I speak of?

By becoming a Novelty Revisions patron,
regardless of how much you give, you will be eligible to apply for a spot in my writing mentorship pilot program (which will be free to all pilot participants) when it becomes available later in the year. You will be able to give feedback on the pilot program as I continue to develop it before its official launch. All patrons who do not get the chance to participate in the pilot program will receive a discount on the full package when it's available. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group to discuss all things writing and creative.

All basic content on Novelty Revisions will always be free. I will never make a reader pay to view a post, watch a video or listen to a podcast episode. This is only possible with the support of our patrons. It's because of you that more creators can learn the necessary strategies to make their dreams come true.
$2.45 of $100 per month
This amount will make it possible to publish new daily posts on the blog through December 2017.
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