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About Now&Xen

Now&Xen is a podcast about microtonality run by Stephen Weigel, Sevish Music, and Jacob Barton. We talk to seasoned veterans of microtonal music about the techniques they use to play their instruments, music theory, composition, performance, education, and the role of microtonality in society. We generally focus on contemporary music, though we dig into older music quite a bit as well.

At Now&Xen, it is our passion to discover new sounds and to stretch our perception, imagination, and knowledge, which microtonality allows on a satisfying and deep level. It's something that's so necessary to the strong online community of microtonal musicians that we would do anything to keep it going - microtonality is so rare that it is pedagogically and historically valuable to have some dialogue about it!

Previous guests include Easley Blackwood, Tolgahan Çoğulu, GRAMMY Award® winner John Schneider (Harry PARTCH ensemble), Kyle Gann, Dolores Catherino, Toby Twining, Bill Sethares, Johnny Reinhard, Christian Klinkenberg, Brendan Byrnes, The Mercury Tree, board members of UnTwelve, and many others.

Your support means so much to us - this podcast is an educational resource we want to continue for the benefit of the entire musical community. Your generous donations will go towards helping pay our editors, hosting fees, bringing in special guests, and freeing up time that we can use to drastically improve the quality of our content. We also have additional conversations and bonus content for our patrons only, though we try to make the majority of our show free and accessible to everybody. Thank you for all you do as listeners and supporters of the show!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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