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About Jamie O.

What is Patreon?

This very short video sums it up quite nicely:

A lot of us artists are using this great website called Patreon as a place to connect artists and fans. Making videos takes a lot of time and money that is sometimes hard to come by. That's where you amazing people can use Patreon. You pick a support tier (you can see them below) and decide how much you'd like to donate in return for special rewards!

Where do your donations go? Your patron donation will come directly to me and will go right back into the making of my music. Your support will help me compensate friends who have helped with recording and filming along the way, upgrade my gear to make better videos for you, and hopefully travel more so I can perform live in a city or a town near you! The plan right now is to make a video about every two weeks.

About the music
My name is Jamie and I write music under the name "Jamie O". I began recording music a few years ago with my friend Robert English in a band called "Nowhere Again." Since then I have hitchhiked across the U.S. and Europe, playing music in many ways, shapes, and forms along the way.

I try to write songs that tap into the root of being human, whether it be about life, death, love, etc., and remind myself and my listeners that life is a very short, precious thing, so make sure you pursue what you love doing whenever possible.

I have found that what I love is writing and performing music, and being able to share that music with other people I meet. With your help I can continue to do just that and share my songs with the world.

If my music and message resonate with you, and you are willing and able to become a patron, I would really appreciate your support so I can make more content in the future and keep you in the loop!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through and listen.

Much love and take care,

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I would like to go on a hitchhiking musical adventure again, so if this goal is met I will go to a new continent (South America perhaps) to do some more traveling, busking, and concerts. I would document the journey so you could see daily occurrences in some far away places!
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