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NoxQuel is a writing and art collaboration between Echuinox & Quel'Fabulous here to share the content we create together & individually. Join us on our quest to publish an RPG style flintlock fantasy novel and weekly learning content!

When you support us, you're supporting a financial model that helps Quel reach the freelance dream and give Nox the creative tools to put our stories into action. Your patronage will be used to fund printing projects, continuous comic/story updates, and the frequency of our resources available to the creative community! 

Drums of Atelaer is an epic LGBTQA+ inclusive historical fantasy novel with RPG elements and our flagship project. We hope to publish this in physical format when it is complete! We decided to pay homage to a historic way of publishing: Putting it out in chapters much like the Penny Press in ye olden days. Every episode includes an illustration and a written story, plus comics, concept art and snippets along the way. Drums of Atelaer updates with worldbuilding weekly, and stories monthly. Check out published chapters!

Focused study is important to growth. Sometimes we're conditioned by social media to strive for only our "best" work instead of allowing ourselves the space to be loose, messy, & hash out mistakes. Join Quel every Sunday Night on their twitch channel @ 8pm EST for a live draw-along. The goal is to fill a digital sketchbook page with focused studies, practice with techniques, and encourage healthy professional development habits in the community.

Pledge and get access to our growing library of digital art resources, including extra goodies from Live Art Study Sunday sessions. When you're on the clock, its important to work smart, not hard in this industry. Our tutorials are focused on simple solutions to big-brained problems on the digital canvas no matter the program, interface or skill level.

Join Quel on their mission in giving a vaporwave makeover to a variety of pop culture, gaming, & unique concepts this year. From these artworks, you will see streams, process videos, step-by-steps and get the deep-dive on creating each digital effect. Experience the intimate process and careful research involved in bringing these retro masterpieces to life!

Your pledge unlocks the sketches that don't get published publicly and the story drabbles that become the foundation for polished literature in our collaboration. See our rough works as well as everything in process.

Tavern Lager tier patrons are welcome to opt-in to our Sensual Sketches channel, exclusive to discord. It features drawings and writings with adult themes along with tasteful nudity and body studies that are a little too explicit for the regular sketchbook. These works are very personal to us and we are happy to have an avenue for sharing them with our most invested supporters.

All rewards (except Sensual Sketches) are posted in our discord and patreon feed. In addition, print goodies will be sent out when convention time rolls around for our Tavern Lager tier! Random memes, emojis and sketch gifts can happen at any time and for any patron!

The NoxQuel Discord server is hands-down the best way to connect with us and our collaborative and individual content. It's where you'll hear first of commission opportunities, new print goodies, shared resources, tutorials, late-night sketches and more. Our patrons have the unique opportunity to join us in the games we love and chatter in voice during streams. Connect with us today!

Echuinox is a writer with a degree in Creative Writing who dreams of one day being a Content Designer in a video game studio. They spend their free time gaming, reading (writing too, but that's a given!), chatting with their friends, and walking with their dog Carleigh. During the day they work in a health care office aiding those in need of help and dreaming of the day their name gets put on their first launched title. They love chocolate, succulent plants, and cheesy romance TV shows as well as road biking and ballet. It's their deepest wish and passion to contribute healthy stories of love and adventure to the LGBTQA+ community- something that has given them countless positive experiences and friendship over the years. One day they hope that with the power of words they will give back ten fold what the community gave to them, with stories full of epic feels, shenanigans, and diversity.

Quel'fabulous (M.Brackett) is a freelance illustrator & designer in New England. They have a BSAEd, taking art teaching with them into helping other creatives in professional development. Storytelling through art has been something deeply meaningful to them from a young age. Many of Quel's characters are in some way, shape or form, inspired by real people in their life. They strive every day to put forth more thoughtful and inclusive content out there for people to enjoy. Some relevant interests include spy films, retro pop culture, elves, typography, coffee, history, and Toto, Africa. Quel looks forward to Blizzcon every year and hopes their contributions can inspire others to pick up a pencil and get creating. 
$500 - reached! per month
When we reach $500 per month, Quel will be able to guarantee a step-by-step voiceover art process video every month on a voted on topic.
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