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Making comics about cats, games, and artificially intelligent litter boxes.

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Embarrassing Reference Photos of Mary!
$500 per month
I take reference photos of myself sometimes to help me draw the comic. If we reach $500, I'll start peppering these into the stream. I'm fully, unstylishly, clothed and in general need of hair & makeup attention in these photos.
Free digital version of NPC Comic book 2!
$1,000 per month
If we reach $1000, every patron will get a digital copy of the 2nd comprehensive collection of NPC Comic strips.


Comic creator at Brooklyn animator. Gamer, cat-cuddler, plant-eater, cocktail-drinker.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Non-Player Character Comic
is about a family of gamers. A 30-something couple, their 2 blue cats, and an artificially intelligent litter box play tabletop games, World of Warcraft, and a slew of other video games. I've been making it since 2009 and update it 3 times a week.

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