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About Nick Pegg

My name is Nick Pegg and the past 7 years I have been expressing my perseverance through an organization I founded called Hashtag Hope.

I am the type of human who questions existence and lives in a space of suicidal ideation. From that I have been articulating and expressing ideas and examples of my own perseverance and commitment to living.

Hashtag Hope is the suicide prevention project born from my own darkness.

Over the past 7 years I have been developing and building the brand and organization of Hashtag Hope. This year we have applied for charitable status are are awaiting a response from the the CRA. There is a need far greater than we know for Hashtag Hope to exist in the culture today and through this Patreon I am asking you to make that happen. 

I desperately need your support to keep both myself and Hashtag Hope going. I currently have to work multiple part time jobs in order to keep above water with very minimal monthly expenses. The work with Hashtag Hope is not slowing down at anytime. My weeks can be taken up by juggling two jobs and cramming all the Hashtag Hope work into the spaces in between.

This Years Goal
I believe in the life lived like Jesus. My life’s response to the way of Jesus is that of unconditional hope for everyone. No one should feel or see themselves so distant from this life that they choose to leave it all behind. There is an inherent hope through your existence that is true and belongs to you and your life. It takes effort, and selflessness from others to help those who are lost find that hope, and those are the shoes I choose to walk in. The intentional and the selfless who are in search of those in the shadows. 

I am placing my trust in the God I believe in that this year I will be supported a net total of $1500 per month to cover my living expenses. I’m asking those who also believe in the work of Hashtag Hope to please consider supporting me in the next era of Hashtag Hope.

The quest for 150 patrons is on

The Name and Community Mindset
The word Hashtag can be translated to the word Community. Outside of the origin story of the name, Hashtag Hope can be translated to a "Community of Hope" which is exactly what we are building with the hopeful content, branding, and intentional outreach. 

More about Hashtag Hope here:

Where does the money go?

$1200 goal (120 people @ $10+/month)
Phone bill
Car insurance
Student Loan
Maybe food after the others are paid.

$1500 Goal (150 people @ $10+/month)
Phone bill
Car insurance
Student Loan
Sometimes food
Sometimes gas for the car
Sometimes value village for socks


150 patrons @ $10/month = $1500/month = $18 000/year = Half a minimum wage job

On average I spend 40-60 hours per week working for Hashtag Hope. Content creating, Speaking, Travelling, Mentoring and Coaching, Admin, Sales marketing & Managing, Shipping orders from the store, customer service, Organization Effectiveness. 

Usually after all of those areas listed above plus many unforeseen extras I am looking to work somewhere such as a kitchen or warehouse to pay for my living expenses. The support from this Patreon is to offset the amount of hours I must work giving me space and energy to pour in to Hashtag Hope. 

Pledging more than $10 per month really does go a long way.

On The Horizon
Hashtag Hope has officially been named a Non Profit Organization. There are 3 co-directors overseeing the NFP. Through this we have submitted our charitable status application to the CRA and are awaiting their response. A board of directors has been assembled and is acting as guiding committee until they take their place as the board of directors over Hashtag Hope the charity. (Assuming we are granted approval from the CRA) 

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