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Your support will go towards the future development of free and opensource niche software, middleware, and video games, as well as keeping my server up-and-running so that I can continue to distribute all of it for free and/or open source.

My Open Source Software and Middleware:
My Freeware and Video Games:
Other Work I've Done:

My goal if I get funding is to finish some of the projects I've started. The reason I stopped some of my projects was because I was trying to see if I could pull interest in them and when this didn't occur, I stopped and tried something else. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that I am a niche software developer. While that has its merits, it doesn't do well when independently developing without some larger cooperate entity backing or heading it.

This is why I'm on Patreon, is because I could use all of the help I could get so that I can continue to develop unique software as well as help other programmers with my middleware.
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This goal pays for the server and allows me to run and operate the site more smoothly. This also provides the bandwidth that is used to distribute my software and video games.
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