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About Nordic Scream Studio


We're group of enthusiasts, who creates Visual Novels. We came to Patreon to show you results of our work and to find some founds to create more good games.

Couple of reasons to support us:

  • You like good stories and tragic endings? You came to the right place! Tony S., our writer, adores writing tragic endings. Don't be afraid - he's good in writing positive things either.
  • We do our games with love and responsibility. Maybe, we don't have enough experience and skill, but we compensate it with our perseverance. And don't be worried - we'll improve our skills with time.
  • Good things doesn't appear from Nix. If You like Visual Novels and want to see more such games - then support us!
  • Cause we will be really thankful to You - not only with our humble rewards, but also with our ardor. We really like making good things - so, let's do them together!

Current project:

TDL version 2.0

Thousand Days Later is not that perfect as we wanted it to see. We wanted it to be more beautiful, we planned add more arts... But fate is a heartless bitch.
Now, after all those steps on rakes, we are much more skillful so, it's time start everything over. What will we do in TDL v2.0? Well, listen:
  • We'll redesign all our sprites and arts
  • We'll draw more arts to make TDL more complete and charming
  • I'll rewrite the plot on my native language and then hire professional to translate it on English
  • Yep, also we are going to create Russian version. I strongly believe this story will be much better
  • We'll do our best to optimize the code (it's almost all OK with Ren'Py version, but I look on HTML5 engine and start to cry)
  • Also, we'll probably add some features (naming your character is almost sure)
  • O, almost forget. We'll create FullHD version!
Of course, it will take a lot of time, but I hope we'll make it in the end. So, wish us luck!

Finished games:

Thousand days later

Release on Newgrounds: 26.04.2018

Originally designed as fan modification of "Crusoe had it easy" by Marble Syrup, thanks to their advise, it turned in our first game.
Forgotten island in the middle of the ocean. Many people could consider it a paradise, but when you and your cousin are stranded on it, paradise becomes a prison. And, after just one fatal step, prison becomes hell. 
You still see it in your nightmares... That horrible night, when you have assaulted your own cousin. That night, when she almost killed you. However, after a thousand days, fate gives you a chance. Chance to wash away you've done. Or... Make everything even worse.

$21 of $200 per month
After reaching this goal we promise to develop and finish the Beta version of TDL within 7 months.
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