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I'm an indie game developer with a secret love of adult games! I thrive on taking crazy perverted ideas and turning them into playable fantasies. I put playful and unexpected elements into all my projects and keep them as fun, stimulating and friendly to use as possible.

I have three main projects on the go and a number of other ones in the embryonic stages. When you become my patron you will ride along with me and help to bring these projects to a satisfying peak.

I primarily use the Unity game engine plus a plethora of 3D, paint and audio tools. Patrons will have an exclusive look into the process of adult game development. I'm happy to give advice and guidance as well if you are looking at getting into your own development. I also do VR games but don't currently have any adult VR projects.

Glory Hole Arcade

GHA is my first finished released adult game. You control a working girl in the video booth at the back of an adult book store. You earn points while picking up naughty themed "power-uppers" and fighting off pesky rodents. This game was originally designed as an RPG will a full story arc and many sleazy characters. I opted to build the arcade version first to get something finished and out in the world. The game is very popular on NewGrounds and is available on Android through the MiKandi adult portal.

Facial Factory

Facial Factory is an easy to use paint program that lets you "facial" up any photo from your hard drive or the internet. There is a palette of blobs that auto-tint to match the photograph, 3D enhancements can be placed over the image and there is a freeform brush! This project has been in development for over a year and is proving to be quite popular. I have many ideas for enhancements and YOU can be involved in deciding which features go in next when you become a patron. I wish I could show some sample images here but this public page is SFW to protect the innocent.

Office Bimbo - The Text Adventure
OBTA is an interactive text adventure where you play the new guy on the job. Rather than being a linear storyline, this is a living environment where your "encounters" are randomized so the game will never play the same way twice. This is not your grandma's steamy bodice ripper. It's a full-on  sleaze fest.

Office Bimbo 3D

This is my magnum opus project that I've been chipping away at for a number of years. It is a fully 3D project that takes place in an office environment completely centered around adult activities.  Imagine a workplace where the employees get paid to fornicate and create internet content? I would love to move forward on this project and there will be lots of opportunities for testing and input from my patrons. It may even end up being a VR game.

Experimental Projects
I've created many shorter experimental projects over the years (both SFW and NSFW). Having your support will encourage me to make more adult versions of these. This could include everything from naughty text adventures to VR and AR projects. I've done a lot of VR but nothing NSFW yet.

Supporting me through Patreon will give you access to different platform versions of all of my games, lots of extra stuff and that tingly feeling of being part of the action! I hope you decide to be one of the NSFW Games insiders!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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