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- You can sleep well at night knowing you are contributing to a non-profit.

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-Everything that comes with "Down the Road"!

Down the Road
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- You get your name on the website!

- Access to Annabelle, "The Theatre Cat" memes

- Access to exclusive NTG Instagram stories

- You can sleep well at night knowing you are contributing to a non-profit.


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About Neighborhood Theatre Group

The mission of Neighborhood Theatre Group is to make theatre an accessible home for the collaboration of people, artistic challenges, and new ideas.


Hi, Neighbors!

We’re so glad you want to continue supporting us!

Folks, we take our mission seriously. If you’re familiar with NTG, you know we work our butts off to put on the best shows, with the best people, and the best audience! This couldn't be done without all the incredible community support we have received throughout the years.

So, why Patreon? We want to continue to bring you the best original productions and live that mission statement (y’know, the one at the top). Every new monthly donation on Patreon means we have one more microphone at a show (we want you to hear us!), one more costume piece (dickies aren't free!), or one more poster to put up on Cross Street (we want you to know where we are!)

Through Patreon you’re able to contribute to NTG and help us continue to make “theatre from scratch.” Every show starts with a blank sheet of paper, and that's a lot of work from page to stage, but with every new donation, we have one less thing to worry about. We can breathe deep and focus on the art, which is what we're all here for!

What We Do and Why We’re Awesome:

We specialize in “theatre from scratch.” NTG has a fantastic catalog of original productions that include heartwarming plays, thought-provoking musicals, spooky, sexy Halloween cabarets, and clever comedy sketch shows. Did we mention we write them all?

I know we're biased, but we have had some amazing, stunning, fantastic (and other great adjectives) seasons and we are growing with every show. In fact, we’ve grown so much we’re breaking the fourth wall! (hint hint- that’s where you come in.)

We’re not community theatre, we’re community centered and that’s what sets us apart from the other groups. We produce works that you can only see in Ypsilanti.

We were awarded BEST THEATRE TROUPE in Current Magazine's Best of Washtenaw AND our very own A.M. Dean came in as runner up for BEST WRITER! That's pretty awesome.

What You Get:

We are so grateful you are supporting us, we want to give you stuff! We have some cool NTG merch, perks, and content we’ll create just for you. This is our way to give back and show our immense appreciation.

What do we mean when we say content? Well, it could be an exclusive short. Something like a sound bite, a rehearsal behind-the-scenes, a meme, a gif, an invite to go karaoking with us, and other fun shenanigans we get up to. OR it could our monthly exclusive Patreon created content; Stuff we create just for our Patrons. This could be a sketch that didn’t make the show (maybe you can finally see one of Angela’s massage sketches), a “dance along” video from our choreographer, interviews with the company or playwrights, design previews, or alternate versions of Black Cat Cabaret performances.

Check out the tiers and marvel at the fantastic stuff and how cute the names are.

(Because we love you, we want to give you a heads up. Although we are a non-profit, your Patreon membership is not tax deductible. Sad… But! You can still provide a one-time gift and entirely write that off. Make a one time donation (Please let us know if you have questions and we’ll give you all the nitty-gritty details.)
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$200 per month pays for our rehearsal and storage space, or as we call it, NTG HQ!
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