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About Nuciferyne

Patreon will charge you on the day of your first pledge. From that day forward, you will be billed again on the first of each month. Please take this into account when deciding to pledge, I don't want anyone to be blitzed with financial issues for supporting me! 

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read, I'll try to keep this brief!
Commissions Account, if you're interested.
For those of you who can only contribute a one time donation;  
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Thank you for stopping by and considering a pledge to me! I'm Nuci, and I've been surviving waves of medical bills, homelessness, and general life stuff through the contributions of many commission clients! Through their support and patience, I have been able to begin a step toward recovery and gaining something of a life!

I'd like to turn my focus to content that nets money from a broad range of viewers, rather than working day in and day out on individual orders. So that's where you come in! Through pledging, you are helping me to be able to focus on monthly rewards and content toward Patrons versus drowning in a sea of orders.

This benefits me; I will have more time and freedom, and less stress related health issues! I may even be able to have a bare-bones social life again?!

This benefits you; You will be able to see more content released much more quickly and have a vote in the direction of the content released!

With that said, onto the goodies! 
 :: Frequent Focus  ::  

:: Occasional Focus ::


Current Long-Term Projects:


An erotic, fetish-filled, modern visual novel.
You're wealthy, educated, attractive... and very bored. Deciding to start an online fetish studio, you seek out a variety of models for your project. Win over your prospects through various methods of bonding. Perhaps even grow beyond simply colleagues... 

[ More information/graphics coming soon! ]

"Oops! I Summoned a-?!"

An erotic, fetish-filled, fantasy RPG/VN.
Follow the story of Marigold, a young, lonely, and comically clumsy witch, as she discovers the consequences of her "desire" potion.

[ More information/graphics coming soon!  ]

"Libido Labs"

A wacky, fun, pun-tastic, fetish collab comic & potential game!
The eccentric Dr. Lude and her flustered assistant Gini take on a variety of 'sexperiments!'
Discovering one kink at a time! 

[ More information coming soon!  ]


Patreon Reward Comic: "Succubi at Play" 
A short test comic, to find my 'style' of story telling.
"Cosimia finds herself blindfolded and bound at the mercy of Ellura, the dominant solar succubus queen. What plans does Ellura have for our --or should I say, her-- adorably helpless lunar succubus?"

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40% complete
Necessities-besides-rent paid? Heck yes, let's focus on some sexy art then!
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