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About Martin Pfeiffer

I'm trying to help save the world and have fun with ANTHROPOLOGY!

I'm a  PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico and my research focuses on how humans create meaning about, around, and with nuclear weapons. One of my areas of focus is analyzing these meaning making (semiotic) practices at official sites of nuclear weapon heritage (like museums). In addition, I report on and publish news and records related to US government activities especially those involving nuclear weapons (but not only).

I expect that a better understanding of nuclear meaning making can enable us to more effectively comprehend and change the systems of thought and behavior that make nuclear weapons seemingly necessary. At the same time, my research can point to constructing safer and more stable ways to talk about and manage the ongoing existence of nuclear weapons. Therefore, I am committed to widely sharing my research data, findings, and analysis as well as primary source documents.

Joining my (select!) community of patrons gets you access to, among other delights, exclusive content on here such as sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts and data dumps, file and document downloads, and the opportunity to help save the world by enabling me to conduct and share my work. Regardless of if you join, virtually all documents I obtain through the FOIA process are available for free at my public OSF archive:

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll join me on this journey!
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This is an important inflection point that will allow me to spend much more of my time reporting, writing, researching, publishing, organizing, and podcasting.

If we hit this then I will commit to:

-new episode every 2 to 3 weeks of a podcast with external resources or I'll create a new episode of video content.
-creating one virtual tour or illustrated report of a nuclear heritage site or exhibit or artifact per month.
-further cataloging and uploading of my pictures from nuclear heritage sites.
-continued scanning and uploading of research and journalistic  materials such as civil defense pamphlets, Soviet civil defense documents, non-digitized and hard to find government reports and records, etc.

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