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About Hannah DuVoix

Hi friends!

My name's Hannah, and I want to get paid to write about and make video games.

I've written for almost two years at The Ontological Geek and have been featured in Critical Distance's This Week In Videogame Blogging a few times. I like to think my stuff's pretty good, but only with your help can I make it great!

I've written primarily about games over at the Geek, and would like to continue to do so. But I've also done a few pieces on queerness in other media (Exploring transgender themes in the Matrix series), and I'd really like to do more of that. I'd also like to branch into gaming news coverage, and even making games. So I'm starting a new site, which can be found here.

It's early days yet, but I've got big plans for this little site, which include:
  • Weekly blogging about game news
  • Monthly featured articles
  • New games every three months
  • Possible expansion into video/podcasting, depending
And this is where you come in!

The internet isn't just an endless sea of sound and fury, but a massive community. I've written, and you've read my writings, for a while now, but apart from the occasional comment or Twitter follower there hasn't been much of a connection between us. Patreon is going to change that.

So the way Patreon works is that I create content which is given out for free, and you (if you are so inclined) give me $X monthly to continue doing that. By paying $X, you also get neat stuff, which will only get neater as time goes on!

Now to be clear, you'll be helping to support me as I create free content. The site will be free, and there won't be exclusive content on the site. There will, howevs, be an exclusive backer newsletter, produced monthly and made available to the incredibly awesome people who subscribe. Subscriptions will be monthly and not based on works released, so should inspiration strike and I'm posting every other day for a while I won't make your bank account run dry.

In the interest of full disclosure, any money pledged will go to these things in this order:

  • Maintaining and updating the site
  • Funding additional content, including the subscriber newsletter, interviews, and cetera
  • Supporting the artist (me)

  • Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this, thereby even considering supporting me! Join me, won't you, in making the world, or at least my website, a more amazing place!
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    At this point it will be clear to me that I'm not crazy, and that it will indeed be worth the money to invest in a domain name for this site. Only good things from here on out, folks!
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