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Numberphile Supporter
$1 or more per month 629 patrons
Numberphile Supporter
Any support is greatly appreciated, and 1 is certainly among our favourite numbers. You'll have access to our Patreon feed with little tidbits not seen elsewhere.

All current Patrons also have their name published on our wall of fame at

Pi Supporter
$3.14 or more per month 353 patrons
Pi Supporter
You'll have access to even more features on our Patreon feed not available to the others.
Pledge $6.28 or more per month
37 patrons
Tau Supporter
Same as above, but be smug in the knowledge you're on Team Tau.
(Felt the need to add a Tau level because of the emails you guys send about it!)
Base Ten
$10 or more per month 44 patrons
Base Ten Supporter
As above, plus:
- First glimpse at some of our main videos (see them while still unlisted and not "public" to normal YouTube subscribers)
- Exclusive other stuff from behind the scenes.

- A higher spot on our wall of fame at

Taxicab Supporter
$17.29 or more per month 20 patrons
Taxicab Supporter
Taxicab Numbers are a favourite of us at Numberphile. You get all the previous bonuses, plus:
- Be credited once month in the video description of a Numberphile video.
Graham's Number Supporters
$33.33 or more per month 18 of 66 patrons
Graham's Number Supporters
All previous levels, plus:
- Once a month you will be credited "on screen" in a Numberphile video!
Prime Supporter
$101 or more per month 6 of 20 patrons
Prime Supporter
All the same stuff as above, plus:
- On a regular basis we'll post you an extra treat. It might be a mathematical postcard, a toy or something we've not even thought of yet, but it will also contain a personally signed message from us here at Numberphile.
Perfect Supporter
$496 or more per month 2 of 6 patrons
Perfect Supporter
Put this here because we wanted a "perfect number pledge" and 8128 would have been truly ridiculous!
- You'll receive an original, signed brown paper, prop or piece of artwork used in the making of a Numberphile video.
- Join a hang-out with Brady to discuss what he's working on (and tell him what he SHOULD be working on).
All previous rewards also apply of course (and, wow, you must really love numbers!)