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Welcome to the Nur-D Club!

If you are a fan of Nur-D then this is the place for you :D
If you are just joining in on this jukebox rocket let me be the first to say welcome. I hope you have found yourself here because you like my music, possibly Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Band, or you just found my face and thought I was pretty handsome lol Whatever the reason it's awesome to have ya here.

ABOUT ME: My name is Matt. I was born in NYC, moved to Rosemount MN when I was young and lived there pretty much my whole life. Currently I reside in St. Paul Minnesota in the U.S. Though I have been involved with music pretty much my whole life, Hip Hop was never something I actually thought I could do until I managed to do it. Now it's my whole career!

When I made the choice to do hip hop I knew i wasn't going to be able to flow with my "mainstream" hip hop peers simply because that's not really my style. I'm weird, goofy, I love comics books and Pro-Wrestling, Old Cartoons, Anime, and overall have always kinda been a bit of a dork. 

However I found that by being myself I was able to connect to the wide audience that happen to enjoy the things I do or at the very least love to be around a person who is being themselves and loving it!

I have been lucky enough to perform at Soundset 2018 with acts such as Migos, Logic, Tyler The Creator, and The Wu Tang Clan.

Opened for acts like Carnage The Executioner,  Dem Atlas, Grieves, and Buddy

And in 2019 I was the main opener for Brother Ali's midwest tour!

MY MUSIC: When you listen to Nur-D (and I hope you do) you are going to hear life, love, honesty, and a whole lot of fun. 
I put my whole self into my songs and whether its a bop to get you up and dancing or something serious about a difficult chapter of my life you are gonna hear me 100%.

As of right now I have two major projects out for you to enjoy. "Mixtape 2: Electric Boogaloo" which was voted in the Top 5 Best Albums of 2018 by City Pages readers here in MN. The second project is called "Songs About Stuff" and it was rated by the StarTribune as one of the Best MN Albums of 2019!
Both projects are available on all streaming platforms so you can listen them RIGHT NOW if you wanted :) 

NUR-D STUFF: Outside of doing hip hop I have a lot of other projects and intrests that I have. I love comics, comedy, video games, pro-wrestling, you name it! A lot of that does come out in my music but I do love to express it in other ways. I am going to be making my own comic series, I have a musical in the works, and I am working on a series of videos on various geek/nerd topics that I am really excited for too! 

I have been looking for a place to share all of this too and I am thinking that if people are interested, putting them here on Patreon would be a cool place to let all of you in the Nur-D Club have access to that :D

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I will write a personal letter to each one of my patrons and mail it out to them along with a special gift. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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