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FPV is more than a hobby. The longer that anyone is involved with FPV, it becomes a way of life. It consumes you. You think about it when you're resting, when you're driving you view the world in terms of places to fly, and when visiting with friends, it's hard to talk about anything else. FPV is transcendent -- flying is a near out of body experience, taking you places you could only believe were true in your dreams. And yet, here it is! 

Despite all this, starting FPV and becoming an FPV pilot is hard. Very hard. Hours of practice and discipline go into learning how to fly and how to fly well. Racing, freestyling, and content creation are all intricately combined in this sport that mixes media, skill, discipline, technology, and practice in ways never before seen. 

And because of that, it's going to grow. 

All of that's great, but why should you support me? Because there is such a high barrier to entry, it's often difficult or impossible for users to get into the hobby. The cost is prohibitive, the skills are technical, and the time to spend building is demanding. But, when you tie everything together: building, flying, crashing, repeating, a story evolves. THIS story is what drives me. I want to tell the story in creative and fun ways, sharing my experience, skills, learning, and knowledge in any way that I can. 

By becoming a patron, you are not committing not just to send some dorky guy money to be dorky, but instead to allow me to continue to be an ambassador and proponent of the FPV community. With your help, I will continue to push hard at telling stories, creating content, and teaching everyone. If you have ever been influenced and helped by a youtube video or a blog, you recognize how much work, effort, time, and money went into building that content for you.

This is your chance to give back. Become a sponsor. Share an idea. Together, we'll push forward the hobby. 
$21.70 of $500 per month
Let's kick off this Patreon. I would love to achieve a $500/mo starting point -- by hitting this goal, I would be able to travel once a month pretty much anywhere in the country to race, film, and participate in awesome projects with anyone at any time. You guys would essentially be my travel sponsors, helping me get everywhere and film with everyone. 
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