Paul is creating FPV Stories

$1 /mo
  • Simply thank you. Thank you for supporting me. And thank you for supporting this community.
  • YouTube Page link added to list of all patrons on NURK's website

$5 /mo
  • I will say your name (or a phrase of choice) in a youtube video (or maybe a livestream event)
  • Once yearly or maybe bi-annually
  • (wife has veto power over inappropriate, an...

$10 /mo
  • Get a surprise piece of patreon exclusive apparel!
  • Apparel runs are done yearly, and you must have been participating at this level for at least half of the year to be included in...

$25 /mo
  • Chance at a random box of FPV Goodies
  • Frequency of this random box, depends on the number of people supporting at this level!
    • 1-3 → annually
    • 4-15 → bi-annual...

$50 /mo
  • YouTube Page Callout in a Video at the end of a video, directing viewers to go check out your page once a month for every month supporting
  • Chance at a random box of FPV Goodies

$250 /mo
  • Bulbufet will travel to where you are and give you a crisp high five!
  • You must contribute at this level for long enough to cover travel costs (wife is in charge of determining tra...

$500 /mo
  • Have your name (business or personal) added to racing gear
  • Have your name added to videos as a pilot sponsor
  • After 3 months at this tier I will work with you to do a shor...