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About Colleen Reckow

Message update!  It’s been a tumultuous few years and I did not reach the previous goal I set to write a book by July 2019.

I have definitely been writing, but it wasn’t at all what I expected to write.  Nor is it fun to read, so I won’t be posting that material here!

At this point, however, I have successfully launched my website and Etsy shop with ceramic pendants, artwork, and digital prints.  I am very excited about that endeavor.  
Find it here:
And here:

Developing my shop opened my perspective to creating a visual book and videos for the moment.

During times of high stress, I find nonverbal language much more comfortable.

I’m hoping that by doing this work, the words will emerge from the process.  As a visual person, I’ll start there.

Then, hopefully, a written book will follow.

Right now, I am not offering direct health coaching.  I have updated my website and Patreon community offerings to reflect that.  I would like to explore it again in the future and I’ll let you know when that happens.

Pledging to support me will simply help me to create new material and cover living expenses.  With the current pandemic, I am, of course, not traveling much.

In summary, I thought my head had stopped spinning back in 2018, but it did not.  I wasn’t as ready to write a book as I had hoped.  

Now, I’m giving it another try.

My offerings to you here will be mostly graphics and images to begin and I will expand when possible.  You will receive content based on my new project: Reflections on Visual Poetry.

This content will not be available anywhere else.  I have shared a few promotional images and videos on social media to build interest, but, moving forward, “Reflections” material will be posted on Patreon.  This will help to organize the material into a book.

I will certainly continue to post occasional promotional videos on other social media, but the material I post on Patreon will be exclusive to members of my community.

The content I post is meant to be design inspiration.

Daily posts will contain images that paid subscribers are free to use and modify.

Higher tiered options will include images that will be included in my book and digital prints and more.

Please support me (and every other artist) in letting me know if you see my material used inappropriately.

Overall, I’m calling a “redo” on book writing.


I have just emerged from a cave.

Truly…I was just soaking in an underground hot spring.

I’m feeling all bright and shiny. The experience was energizing, and I’m focused now.

But…you’re right…I am also emerging from an emotional cave.

Do remember that caves are beautiful, healing spaces. They are spaces for introspection and rebirth. After spending so much time in one, I have a lot to say and some excellent stories to share.

First, I’m rethinking my approach to nurturing happiness.

Have you heard?

I’m writing a BOOK!

If you’re reading this, then you most likely know me—or you know enough to fuel a curiosity about this endeavor.

My journey over the past few years has been incredibly intense. Experiences altered my perceptions so deeply that I struggle to find ANY words to describe my lessons. Yet, I try.

Journey with me between the lines as I attempt to shed light on the more ethereal facets of life. You may not believe all that I say and that’s just fine. We experience situations from perspectives heavily influenced by our personal history and it’s difficult to find shared reality. Standing firm in one perspective is not the answer, because growth cannot occur. Attempting to stand in the shoes of everyone around you is also not the answer, because you’ll lose yourself. I’ve learned a bit about this.

Fortunately, my head has stopped spinning and I’m finally ready to share. I will write about perspective and magic and the process of nurturing happiness. My stories will revolve around illness and health, marriage and divorce, partying and parenting, community and gossip, nature and concrete, and magic and love. My purpose in life is to help balance masculine and feminine energies.

Rest assured my intent is respectful to the people in my life; however, I will harness the power of sacred anger when necessary. Humanity must shed light on the dark to heal and progress.

So far, I have seven pages of material written and I’m finding that writing requires time and space beyond my current life situation. In an effort to create the highest quality content, I want to focus on it full-time and open up my creative process to you. Interested?

The gift in doing so is to learn as much from my thought processes as the final products. You see, my brain is split almost evenly between logic and creative. Over time, I’ve learned how to maintain momentum while processing information on a deep level by switching from logic mode to creative and back again. I find balance through numbers when overcome by emotion, then I translate my subconscious into visual art, and finally verbal expression surfaces. Physical movement also plays a huge role. Sometimes, I don’t know fully what I’m saying until after I say it, despite careful consideration (the challenge of misinterpretation is another topic altogether). I follow my intuition. I’m learning to trust it, because I often stumble into good situations.

As a member of my Patreon community, you’ll learn more and you’ll be learning alongside me as I sort through my thoughts. I’ll be researching and healing as I write.

Nurture Happiness has always been about the process of emerging from darkness and finding joy. It’s about taking those little steps forward.

Seek Health > Nurture Happiness > Find Joy

I fully accept that I’m not here to provide the answers for anyone, but I know I can inspire change and personal growth because I’ve done it.

Still, some say that unhappy people never write books about finding happiness and it is therefore pointless for an unhappy person to read such books. Maybe we can test that theory here.

Happiness is described as a fleeting emotion, whereas joy is a constant state of being. I admit I have spent a lot of time feeling unhappy with my life situation, but internally my outlook has always felt positive, especially, when I stay connected to nature. My unhappiness stems from observing people and contemplating why they do the things they do, myself included. Becoming a parent, I learned to find joy by placing my son’s needs before my own and recognizing the value in that. Parenting is a tumultuous journey of real connection.

Let’s develop a real connection in this community and try to find a shared reality.

Studies now say that the root of addiction and depression is simply a lack of connection. Simple? Haha, right?!? Human interaction is the most complex aspect of our lives. It’s also where we learn the most.

My secret for survival: intense observation. I’ll tell you all about it.

The information I share on Patreon is exclusive. I have not publicized it anywhere else and I will not (except final products, of course). You’ll find occasional, separate posts on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Newsletters will be sent to my email list and posted to the Nurture Happiness with Colleen Facebook page. Artwork will be sold on Etsy soon. Otherwise, if my image or content appears elsewhere…I didn’t authorize it and I can’t guarantee the perspective. In all honesty, my personal property and accounts have been invaded and I am unclear about how that information was used. Please be wary of misinformation on other platforms. I will gladly provide context to any content you encounter. Internet and personal security are now top priorities for me.

My first goal is to complete and publish a book by July 31st, 2019. That’s one year. From there, companion content will follow: e-courses and systems…and maybe a second book. Of course, I’ll re-evaluate as needed.

My favorite feature of Patreon is that community members enjoy content ad-free! Most websites and articles are full of links to click and pop-up ads. By directly supporting creators, we avoid the unnecessary. I may make a few product recommendations here and there, but only for items and services that I personally use and love.

Joining the top tier membership will give you early access to sections of my book before it is published. I’ll ask for feedback from this select group and we’ll dive in deep with storytelling and full expression.

Joining at the first tier is an introduction to my work and thoughts. At each increasing tier we’ll move to deeper levels of understanding and more awesome gifts for you!

Finally, you can bounce out of the community whenever you wish. There’s no pressure to commit if this isn’t the right space for you.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to get re-acquainted with your intuition and to find your own unique power. That’s the answer to our global situation—so many are distracted and stuck in “fight or flight” mode that we forget to listen to truth and we can’t see the magic surrounding us. You don’t have to listen to me—just slow down and go out in nature (maybe find a lovely hot spring cave). With intention and practice your inner voice will return.

My writing and artwork are reflections of my personal journey to find my own voice. My hope is that others can learn from my challenges, avoid some of my mistakes, and find strength in my successes. We are all united, after all.

In turn, creating this community will hold me accountable and stretch my comfort zone.

Consider joining if you want to learn more.

Or, if preferred, you may also make a one-time donation to my efforts:

And…feel free to contact me directly with custom coaching or design requests.

$0 of $2,000 per month
I would like to have enough time to pursue this project seriously and cover my expenses.  I already enjoy living minimally and off-grid.
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