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About Nuthin Good at 4

About the Artist
Always a drawer and a painter I recently decided to re-explore comics and comic book making. I also make tie dye clothing and accessories, batik, screen-printed tees and hand folded books and zines.
I write, draw and self-publish the comic book Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4 a.m. as well a portrait sketchbook  zine. The purpose of this Patreon is to help me continue making comics and zines.  My work has been included in the book Artists against Police Brutality, the zine anthology Hell and Demonic Possession and the upcoming anthology Black Comix returns as well as the Encyclopedia of Black Comix. I've also created this Patreon page to make it easier to share all of my upcoming projects with you by gaining the funds to buy professional camera equipment and take more digital art classes.

About the Comic Nuthin Good Ever Happens At Four A.M.
"Trapped. Scared. Disoriented. Four friends lock themselves in the store room of the corner store. A liquor store that mostly sells candy to neighborhood kids. Is this real? Are people really eating each other? Not here? In the hood.
Just on the other side of the freeway, just past downtown, something is happening, something is making people crazy, something is making people feed. Feed on each other."
Nuthin Good ever happens at 4 am is a story of four friends who find themselves in the middle of a zombie plague in Oakland Ca. A story of redemption,survival and not only horror but triumph and defining family for yourself.

Other Projects
Portrait Zines. As a part of my daily practice in my sketchbook over the past few years I draw faces,hands and when I can make it to a classroom, models from life drawing sessions. I've started compiling these sketches of mostly portraits into zines. Some printed and a few one of a kind hand painted zines.
 Monsters and Mutants. I also draw anything creepy,gore related, horror based or just plain weird in my sketchbooks. Last year I decided to make a Monsters and Mutants zine as well as a series of one of a kind hand drawn mini-monster and zombie zines.

Cover Page from Issue no. 1 of Nuthin Good ever happens at 4 a.m.

Page from Artists against Police Brutality

Page from Hell and Demonic Possession Zine Instagram -
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When I reach my monthly goal I will be able to accept less client based projects and focus more on my personal projects which include developing more comic books where POC protagonists and diverse characters are centered in the stories. I also would be able to start to learn more digital based art practices. Reaching this goal would help me buy the equipment proper digital Camera instead of using my iphone for video and pictures and a (Wacom cintiq) plus take online classes and tutorials to learn the Adobe suite for graphics and design.

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