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Nutmegger Daily is a blog started by myself, Jamil Ragland, and my friend and coworker, Gene Glotzer. Gene and I met while working as English and writing tutors at a local community college, and we've spent hours discussing everything from current events, politics and news to movies, books and Star Trek. We also discovered that we both love to write, and were looking for ways to share our love of writing with people who enjoy thoughtful, reasoned essays on a variety of topics.

Gene had the wonderful idea to begin a blog, and thus, Nutmegger Daily was born. We have a loyal group of readers who visit our blog, and we are eager to grow our number of readers in the future. Our goal is to grow this blog into a self-sustaining platform which will generate income, so that eventually we can pay contributors who wish to share their insights on our blog. In the long term, both Gene and I would like to focus on Nutmegger Daily exclusively, and draw income from the site as our primary means of income. Basically, we love to write, and hope to get paid to write too!

Of course, those are long-term goals which we will need to build towards by providing excellent content to our readers. For now, we've launched this Patreon page to help us with two of our primary expenses:

1) Hosting costs- We decided to use a paid service for hosting to give us better tools and control over the blog. Our costs are modest, but they do represent an out-of-pocket expense that Gene and I have split over the last year.

2) Promotional costs- We want to begin using Facebook's Promoted Posts service to broaden the reach of our blog. This is an expense we have not been able to afford up until this point, but we are hopeful that with support from our readers, we can use this service to grow Nutmegger Daily's reach. 

Our initial monthly goal is $100 per month. This will cover our hosting fees, and allow us a small budget to begin advertising Nutmegger Daily more aggressively. Any amount will help, so please consider donating. We love writing, and with your help, we'll be able to bring more quality writing and more unique voices to you!
$0 of $100 per month
This goal will allow us to cover our monthly hosting fee, and give us a modest budget for advertising the site through Facebook's Promoted Page service.
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