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is creating an inclusive community space to teach & host role-playing games

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You are helping us move ever closer to reaching our Patreon goals to host more games, more often for more players.

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About NYC Tabletop RPGs

NYC Tabletop RPGs is creating an inclusive community space to teach & host role-playing games.

Yeah, we've run Honey Heist (see banner pic). And Blades in the Dark, Tales from the Loop, Delta Green, A Quiet YearStar Wars, World Wide Wrestling, Dream Askew, Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and those are just the most recent games! We get so many more indie and traditional RPGs to the table every month.

Our two main goals are to create an inclusive community and provide a safe space for gaming free of harmful or discriminatory conduct. Here is a link to our Code of Conduct if you'd like to learn a bit more.

Why a Patreon, you ask? We want to give more access to safe and convenient environments for gaming that is free from the distraction that plagues so many gaming spaces around the city.

Oh, and we want to game MORE! Meeting our Patreon goals will allow us to host more Meetups with more GMs and more games, spreading out into weekends and convention-like events where we host multiple games.

We're all about inclusivity so we decided to have a single, affordable pledge Tier. You can decide how much you'd like to contribute to the cause. That said, if you'd like to pledge an amount above and beyond the base tier, you can! Every extra cent helps us move closer to our goals.

Do you have to be a Patron to attend events? Absolutely not! We will keep all Meetup-scheduled events free to attend. Do we appreciate the support and put every penny back into making the group a better place to game? Absolutely!

Contact Chad directly on the Discord if you have any questions or concerns about the group or Patreon. Join the Discord here:

Your Friendly GM and organizer,

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Next-up: Bi-Monthly & Weekend Meetups!
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