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I started using Unity a couple of years ago. In search of a character package I discovered UMA. I didn't realize it's potential at first, and turned to MCS. The main reason was that MCS models were more attractive than the UMA models. After MCS's creators lack of supplying a content creation tool for a year then revealing their "payment for each content creation with their tool" plan I turned back to UMA.

That's when I finally realized that UMA is a framework not a character model. The more I learned about it the more I loved it because of it's flexibility and it's possibilities. I decided to make better looking UMA races (race refers to each different model in UMA). I first looked for a good existing model to turn into UMA. I found Manuel Bastioni models and turned a male and a female model created with bastioni blender plugin into UMA races. But when I tried to put it on Unity Asset Store (for free) I realized CC-BY license of MB is conflicting with UAS licence. (I did release it freely on bitbucket) 

I wanted my UMA races to be freely available to UMA community conveniently and CC-BY license was bothering me. Also Bastioni models had higher poly count since it relied upon blendshapes. So I decided to create male and female models which has comparable poly count with UMA myself. I tried to make it so that it's good looking and realistically morphable. It took a lot of time and learning but I pulled it off. You can read more about the races here or download it for free from UAS.

Now I am creating content for the o3n Races (and also converting them to base UMA models too). I aim to give UMA community more content for their UMAs. I do it in my spare time currently because of my day job. I hope to turn this into my primary source of income with the help of patreon.
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When I reach $ 100 per month I'll be able to pay for basic subscription costs of 3d modeling tools.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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