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You love independent music! No product placement, no corporate influence, just old fashioned artistry! For $1 a month, you will get a free download of my manifestO album and the peace of mind that I can record music and shoot videos for one more day!

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You're officially promoted to executive producer! Executives get to access project files and unedited cuts from any of my past or future videos! Income from this tier goes towards the video software and equipment needed to produce the level of quality we all want, and I will be able to communicate directly with you guys to get feedback on current projects!

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You're moving up quickly in this business! Creative Directors of course get access to all previous tiers as well as a monthly chat where they can make specific requests, recommend collaborations, and determine aesthetic directions for any current or upcoming music and video content!




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About Owen Adams Music

I'm Owen Adams from the DMV, and I've been making videos forever! I'm a classically trained pianist and Music Composition graduate of University of Maryland, although I play mostly jazz and R&B. Recently I started a brand new Youtube channel to build a platform for the BEST musicians on the east coast to play and create genre-defying fusions of style and skill.

We do things differently in the DMV, so this channel is going to feature cool original songs, creative cover songs, and totally improvised jam sessions! Every year I host several epic jam sessions with top musicians, and I will extend personal invitations to these jams to my Patrons! I also do a lecture series called "Owen Adams Speaks" where I talk about music theory and music-related news stories. Check out my newest series called BaSED PiANo which showcases my weirdest, technically challenging, improvised arrangements of my favorite cover songs, completely solo piano!

I've decided to start a Patreon since I've finally settled into a comfortable flow with all these different types of content, and I am looking for feedback regarding what do YOU guys want to see? After 10 years on Youtube, there are many changes and I (as well as other creators I know) don't know what to expect from month to month. So hopefully we can find some stability here and help each other find and create the best independent music content!
$23.18 of $1,000 per month
Once I reach $1000 a month, I'll be able to create content on a more consistent schedule! That gives me resources to hire editors, rent better venues for live shows and jam sessions, and create full-time for all you lovely people. I'll also be able to compensate even higher level musicians for their content contributions!
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