The Oakeshott Institute is creating 3d models, photos, and articles on historic arms and armor


$2 /mo
If you like the work we do and simply want to ensure it conti...


$5 /mo
The foundation of our effort, this tier is where the real work begins. You gain access to one additional model per month, to be released on the third Monday of the month.


$10 /mo

Your curiosity has driven you to take that extra step. As a reward, you now gain access to downloadable versions of a selection of the models.


$20 /mo
The history of the sword is an essential part of your life, an...


$100 /mo
An integral part of our effort, your contribution cannot be understated. In addition to the above rewards, you are entitled to a private guided tour of The Oakeshott Collection each year.


$250 /mo
A member of our most elite, you are invited to join us to discuss your favorite swords. Our conversation will be recorded and released as a podcast for the public.