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About Anna Harren

Hi! I'm Anna Harren, and I write erotic fiction covering a whole range of subjects! If I had to sum up everything I do in one word, it's going to be transformation. Not only is it the name of the kink you could pretty easily apply to most things I've written, but the themes behind someone becoming something else are what I love to cover. I explore worlds where the forms people possess aren't nearly as set in stone as they are in ours, where anyone can be anything, and all the lewd consequences that come as a result of that. I create worlds where self-expression is limitless in response to our own world finding ever worse ways to limit the ways people can change themselves. Trans people feature predominantly throughout my work, because I want to show a world in which they can be who they are without facing consequences. I explore forms of self-discovery in both gender identity and physical form in general that is magical, technological, painful, intimate, loving, unwilling, willing, sometimes all at the same time.

If all that fancy talk is too much for you, I write TF erotica. Sometimes boys turn into girls, sometimes people turn into things, but there's usually plenty of transformation to go around.

So, with all that out of the way, why am I here begging for your money anyway? The truth is, I won't starve if this Patreon runs dry, and I can always find more ways to make money, but getting my earning via Patreon is one way that gives me a lot of freedom to work on the things I want to work on. I usually do one-off commissions (and I don't plan to stop), but with enough patrons behind me here, I can feel confident about working on things that are far longer in nature. In truth, I've spent so long working on nothing but microfiction, that I'm excited to get to work on things that take weeks or months instead of hours or days. Your support here will make that a reality, and the gratitude I feel for that will never waiver.

In short: More money, more porn.

In return for your generosity, I offer in return access to stories I don't publish anywhere else, early access to the books I release, and possibly even more stuff I haven't thought of yet!

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