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is creating future tech visions—with a dose of dark humor
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About Object Solutions

Hi, I’m Ernesto, the founder of Object Solutions. We're a fictional corporation that envisions the high-tech future of everyday life—with a dose of dark humor.

We dissect human difficulties—from hygiene to romance—and optimize the imperfections with our seamless consumer experiences. Welcome to a world of problems, solved.

But seriously
We create videos for our innovative products to inspire amusement (and often apprehension) about our cultural expectations of technology.

Here’s an example from our showroom:

And here’s a blueprint animation from our laboratory:

Why we need your help
Our new series—Love, Optimized—imagines Object Solutions as the corporate caretaker of your ongoing romance. We have four new inventions to assist romantic imperfection, ranging from neuro-dating to sensual GPS. In collaboration with Shelly Ronen, we’ve created sales pitches, a scientific reviews, and blueprints for each invention—which we exhibited at MIT.

With your help, we will create blueprint animations (like the one above) to give our ideas broader reach. For each video, we personally do the research, writing, narration, illustration, animation, and final production. Your contributions keep the project going.

If you like our dramatizations and satire—and you're inspired with questions about tech innovation—then let us be your guides to the optimized future.

The dream
I’ve used many different media to build the world of Object Solutions, from physical prototyping to group workshops. My dream is to make the project financially sustainable by focusing on the talents I have ‘in-house’—writing, illustration, animation—which are also the most personally rewarding.

The timeline
Right now I'm expecting to release a new video every two months, with the first one in September. With more patreons I'll be able to put together videos more regularly.

Thanks for your support!
—Ernesto D.
$158 of $250 per animated video
Bring ‘Love, Optimized’ to video
My first goal is to create blueprint animations for the four original ‘Love, Optimized’ inventions, while building up my expertise in the animation software, Adobe After Effects.

$250 per video will help kick off this phase and keep me excited about doing the work I love.
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