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I read somewhere in one of the rulebooks of life that "if a busker makes you stop walking, you owe him a dollar."

You can look at a $1 pledge and think: "It's not that much" - but you're basically telling me that I'm worth stopping for, and that's one heck of a compliment. So one dollar from you equals one compliment from me.
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You're giving me five times what a normal mp3 is worth. In return you get a haiku - 5/7/5 - with no guarantees that it will be happy, or even good...but certainly it'll be heartfelt.
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Pledge me ten I'll call you on your birthday and sing you the most famous song in the world. (Don't forget to send me the date and the phone number!) You may also pay this reward forward if you like as a birthday gift to a loved one.




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Olivia Brownlee Songography (ain't no disc-ography...)
I've been recording and releasing an original single in a different studio every month since October, 2014.

1) I do have two albums (which you can buy here), but people seem to get their music now by streaming and downloading the songs they like, a lot of the time one by one.
2) My catalogue covers so much thematic ground that it can be challenging to group songs into a justifiable collection.
3) Since every month I hire a new producer, accompanist(s), and engineer to record/mix/master one of my songs, my network is brimming with talent and interesting people, which I blog about on OliviaBrownlee.com.
4) The recording industry is, after all, about songs.

You are on a website that connects creators with people who love and want to buy the stuff those creators make. You can become a monthly pledger for any amount starting at $1, and subsequently own my entire Songography catalogue in your personal music library for your listening pleasure. This is the only place online where you can read the lyrics to the songs, and subscribers to this project receive monthly tiered rewards - anything from a simple compliment to a birthday serenade to a song composed for you. This is also currently the only platform where the tracks can be downloaded.
But you can still stream the ongoing catalogue at Soundcloud.com. It's like shopping for tea: the product is for sale, and the sensations are free!

Thank you for your support! See you in the songage!
$412 of $500 per song
Reaching this goal could cover most of the expense of hiring a studio/engineer and a rhythm section (bass and drums).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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