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About Obscura Hail

Producer Biography

A singer/songwriter first, DIY producer second, Sean Conran began producing and releasing music under the pseudonym ‘Obscura Hail’ at the start of 2007, with an interest in Analog 4-track recording methods, and an intent to innovate through the limitations of experience and equipment available.

The process of feeling his way through music and sound production became an intuitive learning experience that translated well into digital production medium, exponentially increasing turnaround of short and long for ideas. Sean applied this ad-hoc approach during his Bachelor Of Creative Arts: Visual Arts (2009-2012, UOW), experimenting with sound design for performance and installation.

These works sparked an interest in psychoacoustics, and by extension, binaural recording techniques; becoming the foundation for collaborations with artists, film makers, theatre productions, and niche clients seeking a more intuitive way to capture their audible expressions.

‘Foundling Studios’ was founded in 2016 to package these learned skills and experience for the Sydney/Melbourne communities, providing a uniquely organic alternative to the conventional recording and production methods.
‘Innovate through limitation’ is the core philosophy of ‘Foundling Studios’, to encourage a sense of play, exploration, and diffuse any anxieties around self-expression

‘Obscura Hail’ gained management and signed to ‘Dot Dash’ (Remote Control Records) in 2019 and is now published through BMG (FO PAS). A decade strong backlog of official releases bare testament to the quality provided for ‘Foundling Studio’ clients.

Obscura Hail


 Conceived on NSW’s South Coast in 2006, and now buried alive in Melbourne’s North, Obscura Hail is a testament to the indie dream; writing, recording and releasing self-contained albums from an ad-hoc bedroom studio.

Sparked by an irrational fear of memory loss via mercury poisoning from an amalgam tooth filling, Obscura Hail embodies a routine of unpacking personal, nostalgic, and ontological thoughts with great urgency during the witching hours.

A decade strong, extensive backlog of alternating styles show a love for new avenues for expression, keeping the motifs of galloping finger work, augmented arrangements, and a politely quiet vocal delivery, made audible with dense harmonic layering.

Joined by exceptional additions to the process are Tamara Issa and Kaelan Emond, who translate and evolve the Obscura Hail sound. Credit - RCstills
Sunset Pig (MGMT)Dot Dash (Remote Control Records)
Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Apple Music

Foundling Studios

FS is a portable, binaural-based recording/mixing/mastering service operating in and around Melbourne, VIC,
founded by Obscura Hail for the sole purpose of
authentically capturing and preserving sound and composition

Using intuitive binaural mixing techniques, the studio adapts to the acoustics of any given space,
aiming to strengthen the relationship between organic soundscapes and the intentions of the artist.


3Dio Freespace Pro

SP-TFB-2 in-ear binaural mics
Roland CS-10 EM binaural mics
Cubase (Mastering)
Izotope RX

2011-2014, Wollongong, IPAC – The Drama Studio, Evan Kerr
2014, Wollongong, Cocoon Floatation, ‘Ethereal Quasar’2014, Sydney, ‘Jurassic! That is One Big Pile of Musical’, Evan kerr + Leigh Scott
2017, Sydney, Outskert, Paige Phillips
2018, OTZI, Jesse Newman
2019, Hall of Mirrors (promotional work), Jesse Newman
2020, National Science Week ‘Live From The Lab’, ‘Venom’, FBi radio + Alice Williamson

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reaching $50 a post will mean I can cover

- insurance expenses to protect the studios gear
- travel expenses between clients
- start an official website

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