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About Obsolete Gamer

The Obsolete Gamer show started after J.A. Laraque’s and Ignacio Rodriguez-Trelles’s time at Alienware. We wanted to talk about what we loved and launched as a Retrogaming site in 2009 that quickly expanded to cover a wide variety of games, computer hardware, humor and geek culture.

As we grew we brought in people we met who loved writing about games and showcased their talents on our website. With the growing call for video content we began uploading our gameplay videos and eventually our podcasts as well.

Today, we feature interviews with gamers and game makers from around the world. Gamers have a voice and we want to bring their voice to you. We also seek out new and interesting games to play and review and of course there is always humor and just enough trolling to keep you on your toes.

So why Patreon? The truth is we know ads and asking for donations gets old. However, from running the website to producing our shows and podcasts over the years we need your help to expand and improve. We know whether you donate a dollar a month or more you want to know not only that we will continue providing content but use the money wisely. The goal here is to build a stronger community with our fans and by supporting the show we have a direct line of communications to receive feedback on what you want to see.
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The goal is always improvement. This comes in the form of improving how the show looks as well as the website, the design from the logo’s to the show and channel intro. It also covers equipment for video and audio recording both in our studio and on location at conventions and events. Finally, it allows us to remove ads from the website and focus on brining you more of what you enjoy.
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