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About Oakland County Times

Help Oakland County Times Reach Our Monthly Pledge Goal

Oakland County Times is a grassroots community news site that comes together with a lot of hard work, and with the financial support of small business advertisers and readers like you who chip in.

Like many businesses, Oakland County Times was hit hard by the pandemic. Most of our ads are for retail and restaurants who had to close or scale back. We've continued bringing news and information to our readers through the pandemic. Our nonpartisan video interviews with candidates are even more valuable tools for democracy as candidates have fewer opportunities for meeting voters in person. Our ongoing event page and our network of Facebook groups help keep people informed, inspire, and united. And features, like the Reporter Food and Explore! columns encourage people to connect with their communities in a positive way.

For the sake of ongoing stability, we are asking readers to please consider how valuable Oakland County Times is to you and the community. Would you miss this site if it were gone, and would you be willing to chip in a few dollars each month to help ensure that we are able to continue?

Our goal is to bring in $1,500 per month in reader contributions to fund the basic expenses of the site. This will give us a solid base to operate from each month.

We are currently less than 50% towards this goal. Even a pledge of a few dollars makes a difference in helping us get there.

You can also send a check to Oakland County Times, PO Box 20293, Ferndale, MI 48220.

Please share this link with others you know and ask them to chip in also. Thank you to everyone who is part of supporting local journalism at Oakland County Times!

Crystal Proxmire
Editor and Publisher
Oakland County Times
[email protected]
31% complete
Our goal of $1,500 helps cover the basic expenses of operating Oakland County Times. Thank you for your support!
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