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About OcarinaOTW


My name is Maria (aka Ocarina) and I make erotic animations of fictional characters from video games and anime. I've been making animations for UNITIA Techcross Co., Lewd Maze Project, Pink Banana Soft, and of course for my awesome Patrons, who just want to see their favorite character to be animated. If you enjoying my content and would like to see more of that, consider to become my Patron and get early access to all high-quality uncensored works and other awesome goods.

Please, keep in mind that my Patreon charges up front. You pay when you pledge, then again at the start of each month. 

Every month I will release from 3 to 5 short looping animations. All my Patrons will receive animations at high resolution, tier 2 and higher Patrons also will get uncensored versions. I also offer many other good stuff to my Patrons, here's visual that might help you to decide which tier you'd like.

So what alternative versions are? Changing color palette, facial expressions, gender swapping, adding or removing outfits, "culmination" scene at the end, etc. all count as alternative versions. 

Additionally once per month all of my patrons will gain access to polls, so you can vote on future content. All the polls will be released in the last week of each month. You can also suggest your favorite character directly to the poll for other patrons to vote for. Whichever character gets the most votes is the character that I will animate. I'm also open for your animation requests. Check this user agreement for more details.

If you are interested in requesting more then one character for animation, please, make sure to check custom animation request guideline.

Animation schedule / queue [July '19]:
☑ October 2 - Tear Grants [Tales of the Abyss]
☑ October 7 - Neferpitou [Hunter x Hunter]
☑ October 14 - Artoria Pendragon [Fate/Grand Order]
October 21 - Futaba Sakura [SMT: Persona 5]
October 28 - Faye Valentine [Cowboy Bebop]

November - Oriana Thomson [A Certain Magical Index]
November - Shinobu Kochou [Demon Slayer]
TBA - Kurapika [Hunter x Hunter]

Most of my artworks will be eventually released publicly (censored and at a smaller resolution). I want to share my art with people, but I also need to be able to afford to take the time to create that art, and that's what Patreon in for.

Don't post any of my animations without permission. Please, respect other Patrons of mine.


Thank you for tuning in.
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I am making enough to work on animation part time.
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