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Thank you so much! Every lil' bit counts!


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This is just a little under how much I pay per month to host the domain. With this tier you directly support Oceanfalls in staying up at all times without ads!

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- One lined drawing of your choice every month! (Optional, must comply with my art commission rules.)
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About Nights

Hi, I'm Nights! I love making stories about odd fantasy worlds, one of which is the currently ongoing webcomic Oceanfalls. Right now, Oceanfalls is the main focus of this Patreon. Everything here is geared towards what will keep things on running as smoothly as possible.

If you enjoy what I'm doing, that's really cool and it is one of my goals! And if you would like to offer some support, that's also REALLY cool and it'll allow me to have an easier time putting more of my work out there, so thank you for that!

Regarding the optional art request tier rewards, my art rules are no NSFW, no mecha, no heavy anthro and no heavy gore. Art requests will be completed before the end of the month and shared on Patreon.

Head over to the Oceanfalls Discord to contact me about anything else relating to this Patreon, and to claim any tier rewards associated with it. Thank you for viewing my page!

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