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About Oceanwise Australia

Welcome to Oceanwise Australia!

We are a non-governmental organisation dedicated to environmental management, monitoring, and conservation of the planet's biodiversity

Many unique flora and fauna around the world are under threat from climate change and anthropogenic impacts. We implement projects that conserve and restore these ecosystems. We have worked on projects in Australia, Fiji and Indonesia in collaboration with various organisations, including government bodies, academia and NGO's.

We support organisations who confront environmental problems created by people who exploit nature for both survival and financial gain. However, every threat is an opportunity to develop solutions that achieve duel socio-economic and biodiversity benefits.

Our changing climate is a major threat to these pristine ecosystems

Coral bleaching, cyclone damage, crown of thorns starfish and human impacts have devastated the Great Barrier Reef. Not many people know that these same factors are decimating coral reefs globally. We assist with the conservation and rehabilitation of coral reefs, supporting communities that are working to develop an effective method to restore this heavily impacted ecosystem. 

We are fighting to protect and restore these remote areas!

We use science, to help many groups to positively influence people and the biodiversity they depend upon. We innovate and develop technology to assist conservation on land, in the air and sea. This includes developing non-destructive underwater sampling tools, smartphone apps and new applications for drone technology. This enables access to better data, enabling more effective decisions and improved environmental outcomes.

Don’t despair!

Most of the core findings of scientists are not reported to the mainstream media, so many people remain unaware of the local, regional and global threats to the environment. As a result, the efforts of conservationists often lack the support that fuels their potential for positive change. We aim to bring these projects into the spotlight and highlight their achievements, by providing technical support and producing a combination of scientific information, entertaining blogs and videos. 

Get an insight into our conservation projects around the world

Follow our journey and mission. Conservation work is time consuming and often expensive, but always interesting and enjoyable. Often our work is extremely challenging and in isolated and dangerous environments. By sharing our story; the highs, lows and outcomes, we hope to inspire people globally to take action.

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We are a small team, to get to know us and get involved with our conservation mission, tune in and become a patron. With your help, we can promote conservation stories, inform a greater audience and inspire positive change for future generations.
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