Grace O'Malley is creating horrible little stories and vast universes

$1 /creation
You will gain access to the feed; by which I mean you will likely be overwhelmed with meaningless trivia about the history of the various worlds I have built. This includes imaginary Wikipedia entr...

$5 /creation
I will hand-write you a letter. The letter may be a crayon scrawl on a coffee-stained napkin, but you will receive one envelope from me each time you donate. These will be collectors' items when I ...

$6 /creation
I will call you personally and discuss nearly anything you might like. I suggest video games or fairy tales, and you may have to put up with an uncomfortable amount of noise from my cats in the bac...

$6.72 /creation
In addition to your phone call, if you subscribe for this unwieldy number, I will read you a bedtime story (of my own or someone else's), and mail you a packet of hand-blended dream tea. I will not...

$8 /creation
Eight is a decent number. Do you have an idea that you would like to see me put to words? Do tell.

$13 /creation
You will receive each lower-tier reward (or the ones of your choice), and advanced reading copies (digital) of my future works. Please be aware that in order to receive letters from me, you must pr...

$20 /creation
I will draw upon my vast and terrible kitchen experience to create something delicious for you to receive in the mail. You'll need to Skype or Gmail-chat with me to help me work out something you w...

$31 /creation
I will set up a stream where we can play video games together, chat, or watch movies. You may also choose three other lower-tier rewards.
You will receive a free digital copy of the item you don...

$50 /creation
If you are nearby, we'll have tea together at least three times. If not, please choose five lower-tier rewards, and I will paint you a t-shirt, a piece of wall art, or embroider something interesti...

$100 /creation
You are insane for doing this, but you have my appreciation. You'll also have your choice of any lower-tier rewards with no limit. I will amend the dedication of my next book to include you and you...

$500 /creation
I begin to worry that you are either one of the Elder Gods, toying with my sanity, or that you have completely lost your own to a careless scan of the Necronomicon. May the Universe bless you.

$672 /creation
I don't have any more clever jokes to make. This is an incredible gift to me and you have my gratitude for life. I will sign and mail you my last remaining copies of Signal from Static and...