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About Octopus Universe

Hi there!

Let us tell you something about this thing called Octopus Films.

Such as all artists we need to express, that's why we create this space, since a few years we started creating art pieces from scratch, trying to give them life, or sometimes we write stories, and need to turn them into reality.

Definitely no matter how you start a project a piece of your soul transmits to it, so it acquires more and more life. That feeling is incomparable, that's why we love to create.


This is entertainment art, we create for those who need to get out of this world and live in as many other universes as they want anytime.

We express our feels and desires and we'll build anything we need to tell our stories.

Octopus stories are not developed in just one kind of entertainment, here our patreons can find ShortFilms, Comics, and Art pieces with ones they can enjoy one story from many perspectives and senses.