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Meredith Gran lives and work in Brooklyn as a freelance comic artist & occasional animator. She's been drawing the webcomic Octopus Pie since 2007. She teaches a weekly webcomics course at the School of Visual Arts. She also wrote and drew the Eisner-nominated Adventure Time comic book spin-off, Marceline & the Scream Queens.


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Octopus Pie is a webcomic that, since 2007, has been supported by a dedicated, enthusiastic readership. The life of a freelancer, however, is not consistent pay-wise. Often I need to prioritize freelance work, mail-order sales, and convention travel over making comics.

Since starting with Patreon in 2014, things have been running very smoothly. I have some new hardware, health insurance, and I don't sweat the rent so much. Simply put, the support I receive here is an act of kindness that keeps me happy and healthy.

But it's also in the name of ART! I'm able to focus on comics like never before, make them as good and as frequent as I can. I'm able to pay Valerie Halla to color the pages, which I believe has taken the comic to another level.

So if you like the way OP has transformed in the past year, you can thank the Patrons on here! (If that's already you, you can thank yourself!)

If you pledge $2, you can get in on some secret sketchbook and pencil images I've posted (full apologetic disclosure: I spend all of my time drawing the comic, and very little updating this section - but there is an archive).

Octopus Pie, of course, will always be free to read - but your support means I can make it as good and as frequent as possible. Thanks for reading!
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