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"Traces of Antigone" - Digital performance 

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"Traces of Antigone", is written by the acclaimed Swedish - Greek Christina Ouzounidis and directed by the multi-awarded Elli Papakonstantinou with the participation of musician-performer Nalyssa Green, musician Kat Papachristou (Tango with Lions), visual artist Mary Zygouri, Swedish-Italian actress Gemma H. Carbone, Greek choreographer and performer Valia Papachristou and Greek actresses Serafita Grigoriadou and Sophia Manoli.
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"Traces of Antigone" - Digital performance

- 1x 5-min. video from t
- 1x soundtrack 
- 2x unpublished photos 

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"Traces of Antigone" - Digital performance

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-2 unpublished photos




An overpainting of Antigone’s ancient myth, “Traces of Antigone”, came as an immediate response to the coronavirus global lockdowns and the ongoing dialogue on what presence (and absence) is all about. For the first time in recent history, seclusion is no longer a feminine condition. This marked a good time for ODC Ensemble, our troup of performers, to move out of its safety zone and explore, in a circle of women, a completely new performative language, what we call: “Theatre of Seclusion”.

What is "theatre of seclusion"?

Live-streamed performance developed, designed and executed in seclusion in the many different homes of the artists, who join forces to create one unique audiovisual experience, a cinematic concert in synchronicity.

Your support is vital to give birth to this new exploration...

“Theatre of Seclusion” comes with a set of rules and restrictions:

1. We rehearse, develop and execute the whole piece in quarantine with the help of digital platforms.

2. We are allowed to make use only of the props, musical instruments, set environment, costumes and technical means that were made available to us when quarantined; no add-ons later on! Our home is the set. Public space and home space merge into one. The tagged names on our windows name us and reconfigure anonymity and objectification.

3. Public space and home space merge into one. The tagged names on our windows name us and reconfigure anonymity and objectification, always already “singular-plural”, in the elsewhere and otherwise.

4. We work in seclusion from our homes like women before us. Are we trapped, safe or emancipated? It is up to our viewers to tell, as we grand them permission to invade our most intimate world. Zoom into details, zoom out to the galaxies.

5. We all use the same basic technology to weave this new-age audiovisual embroidering in synchronicity.

6. We invite viewers to interact with the performance, and thus be propelled to the public agora.

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