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"Mucking the Barn"
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We always need help “Mucking the Barn” and it’s a chore most anyone can do.  Your generosity truly makes a difference in the health and welfare of the animals we serve and allows us to feel secure in accepting new residents who seek refuge here. A steady stream of dependable income helps us actually plan to take animal emergencies in stride. 


  • Patron Access to our behind the scenes photos and personal stories from rescues, adoptions, and daily life at the refuge
"Changing Water Buckets"
per month

Thank you for being as vital to our everyday operation as "Changing Water Buckets".  This level of patronage is a chore that truly makes a difference in the health and welfare of the animals we serve.  Your help at this level is as essential as clean drinking water.


  • Patron Access to our behind the scenes photos and personal stories from rescues, adoptions, and daily life at the refuge
"Feeding the Pigs"
per month

We’re so flattered you want to help with "Feeding the Pigs".  This is no small task with hungry piggies on the loose! Your patronage on this generous level helps us assist the most vulnerable of our animal friends for as long as they may need us.


  • Once a year photo book featuring our animal residents (sent early December)
  • Patron Access to our behind the scenes photos and personal stories from rescues, adoptions, and daily life at the refuge



About Odd Man INN Animal Refuge

Odd Man Inn is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit farm animal shelter. We help animals that have suffered abuse and neglect, outlived their “usefulness”, or have outgrown their home. We rescue, rehabilitate, and find adoptive families who will allow them to live a natural life of peace and safety. Our animal residents live as members of our family while waiting to find their own perfect forever home. To date, we have helped over 300 farm animals to safety. That number grows every single day.

This journey began because our family refused to give up on a dog with a bite history. His name is Roswell. After a year of professional help, Roswell was out of options. We moved him from Portland, Oregon to a small piece of property where he could be safe and free. We made room for other vulnerable animals who were also out of options, and Odd Man INN Animal Refuge was born.

We are working towards a bigger mission to give all our animal residents a voice. By sharing their stories of struggle and triumph, we give them the opportunity to be ambassadors for their own kind. We stand beside them in the fight against abuse, neglect, exploitation, and consumption. We give them a chance to live in a world where true equality exists.

We welcome both the animals and humans involved in Odd Man INN to be a part of our REAL life when they are on the property. Animals live as part of our family while they wait to be adopted. Visitors are included as part of the crew. As a Patron, we invite you in to gain access to the personal details about daily life and decisions that run our organization. We'll do the hard work of sharing candid photos and detailed stories of rescues and adoptions. This is also where we will post breaking news about big events and changes in our organization. You'll be behind the scenes in the world where everyone deserves a forever home.

Your generous patronage of our organization allows us to continue the hard work of helping as many animals as possible. We've structured our Patreon tiers as farm chores, and we invite you to choose your own adventure level!

         We humbly thank you for your love and support,
                   Wendy and Joshua Smith
                   Caretakers and Founders of Odd Man Inn

What does your patronage provide for Odd Man Inn?
  • A vital steady stream of income for us to continue making stable plans for the care of our animal residents.
  • Gives us the ability to help more animals in need without ever compromising the care of our current animal residents.
  • Most animals come in dire need of basic medical care and grooming. Your patronage assists with their most immediate needs like spaying, neutering, hoof care, vaccinations, and grooming.
  • Good quality feed, fresh bedding, and warm shelters for all animal residents at all times.
  • Funding to assist with our labor intensive adoption efforts, community outreach, and education.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/oddmaninn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/oddmaninn
Website: www.oddmaninn.org

(photo credits to our friend, fellow animal rights advocate and creator of beauty, Carrie Cervantes)
745 of 1000 patrons
We dream of a world where every animal has a forever home free from abuse and neglect. We want animal exploitation to stop. We want to give animals the voices they need to FIGHT for their own kind! We want to adopt them into families where they can expand their reach into all communities.
Your patronage creates a sustainable and predictable income for the refuge.  With your help, we are able to make plans for the future to help more farm animals in need while we fight for everyone to find a forever home.
Our first goal is 1000 patrons who will stand beside us for animal rights and equality.
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