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This tier is available to anyone and everyone that wants to contribute to helping maintain the blog, consistent VLOGs and Podcast episodes or simply buy me a cup of coffee (tea, energy drink... whatever fits the bill that day). You'll get shoutouts on the blog posts too boot (if you want to, that is)

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About Oddzuki

Hi there, I'm Kenny aka Oddzuki! I'm a blogger, podcaster and the occasional vlog thrown in (which will be increasing in 2019. I discuss all things about being a father, technology, tv& movies, gaming, nerd rants and more. Sometimes they're pretty serious and other times I look back and think what in the world was I thinking... 

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When I reach $500 per month, I will create a webcast series specifically for Patreon members where the topics will be audience driven. Bonus points if it is on a subject, movie, music genre etc that I have ZERO clue about and you will be able to watch the process of me learning about said subject!
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