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is creating Illustrations, Mythophoria, and Reclamations of identity

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About the Project
"Dance of the Summoner"

"Dance of the Summoner" is a series of painted illustrations that reclaims and reimagines moments when the veil between the spirit world and our world becomes a bit more transparent. With this Patreon I am exploring and centering Afro-diasporic mythology, Afrofuturism, and the magic to be found within the mundane. Each month is a new artwork and a glimpse into my life as a QPOC artist. My goal with this project is to weave together my personal connection to these ancient narratives with afrofuturist visions.

Ikenga, Protector of the Sands. Oils and Acrylic on Panel. 2018.

Why Patreon?

Your support on Patreon will provide me with the resources to create more inclusive illustrations. My work centers people of the African Diaspora, Black people, and Queer People of Color. So often our stories and images are either underrepresented or misrepresented. With your support I can create more artworks that go beyond one singular story, and explore a broad and expansive palette of joy, the fantastic, the mundane, black resilience, intersectionality, and all the beautiful nuances in between.

Heartwood. Oils on board. 16x24 inches. 2019.
Illustration for Heartwood: Non-Binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy 
Featuring some of the characters from "Dance of the Summoner"

About Me
Hello there! My name is  Odera Igbokwe and I am an illustrator and painter Odera Igbokwe is an illustrator and painter located in Vancouver, BC by way of Brooklyn, NY. You might know me from projects such as "Odera Redesigns the cast of Sailor Moon"FEM4FEM"Pepperbreath!: A Digimon Fanzine", or Black History Month: Celebrating illustrators/painters of the African Diaspora.

I studied Illustration at Rhode Island School of Design, and West African dance at Brown University. I grew up with Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy in one hand, and 90s R&B dance routines and summer voyages to Nigeria in the other. So all my life I've been pushing both worlds together.

"If this was an RPG, Erykah Badu would definitely be a Shaman or Paladin".
"Okay but imagine a Studio Ghibli film in Mali! Box braids, griots, and djembes galore!"

Now I am constantly creating more inclusive illustrations, that celebrate the diversity of people of the african diaspora, and show that we exist in fantastical realms.

You can learn more about me and my artwork at www.odera.net

Odera Redesigns the cast of Sailor Moon. 

This project was incubated through Art Business Bootcamp in collaboration with Drawn + Drafted
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