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Hello! I'm the creator of the music education and practice website,  odogy.com. Since 2011, odogy has helped music students, educators and hobbyists get more out of their music making experience. I've loved communicating with everyone who has reached out to me over the years to share how you're using the site, and I'm extremely grateful for the encouragement many of you have given me!

I've created this Patreon page for two purposes. First, it's a way for me to communicate with you about changes I've made and changes that are coming to the applications on odogy. From time to time I will post about what I'm working on, and I hope to get feedback to help me make this site better.

The second purpose is to ask for help with the costs of hosting, maintaining and developing content for the site. Your support of a dollar or more per month will help me continue to offer odogy and enable me to make odogy a better tool for everyone.

Regardless of whether you can contribute financially, please check in here from time to time to see what's new and share your thoughts. Virtually everyone who visits odogy is a music student, a teacher, or a hobbyist, and everyone's feedback is a valuable contribution to making the site better!

I have many ideas for odogy, as well as some pressing changes that must be made for the site to continue. When I first created this site, Flash was the only platform that allowed for advanced audio features in a web browser. But Flash is nearing the end of its life and is set to disappear completely after 2020. The good news is that HTML5 and web audio are now up to the task. My  MusicShare application already uses these technologies, and I'm turning my attention next to an HTML5 version of Recorder Karate.

And after this, I have many cool ideas I'm excited to get started on! Please keep an eye on my posts here on Patreon. From time to time I will offer sneak peeks of upcoming applications to my Patrons, both as a way to say thank you and to get your input on features in development!

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