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A warm thanks!

$3 /mo
You'll have our eternal appreciation and gratitude for supporting us and helping the radio stay live!


$5 /mo
You'll be able to claim the supporter role on our Discord server, will be able to request 5 songs per day and will be taken into account for future updates to the radio!


$10 /mo
People thought of you as a myth, but you've proved them wrong. Your very existence defies the universe.
You get 10 requests songs per day, your name on a post-it note on the studio door (with ph...


$20 /mo
Your allegiance means you are a true supporter of the arts and your wisdom is respected throughout all the land. You get all the above and early access to the super secret and experimental features...


$50 /mo
You went over the boundaries of the unknown. Gold color and badge, what else is there? Oh yeah, you'll get the previous rewards and an awesome radio hoodie!