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About Stephanie Brown


Hi! I'm Stephanie, I'm a professional digital artist who specializes in character work. But my true passion is storytelling, and my artwork is my main medium for doing that.

You may be wondering what the heck "Offbeat Worlds" is. Aside from being my social media handle pretty much everywhere, it also describes the kind of stories I'm creating. Stories that take place in worlds different from ours. Worlds filled with magic and bizarre creatures, with advanced technologies and futuristic cities, with supernatural forces and monsters. Worlds that are strange, unique, or "offbeat."
Welcome to my Creative Universe!


I'm making art! Many of you may know me as a D&D character artist, and this is my main source of income. This Patreon is for my more personal work. Personal work includes my own original D&D characters and fan art (mostly of Critical Role, but also book series, movies, tv shows, etc), as well artwork for my own original stories.

As I mentioned above, I am writing stories, and this Patreon also helps support that. But I'm not writing them in the traditional sense, i.e. novels or short stories. I'm writing them as screenplays.

Why screenplays? A couple of reasons. 1) I prefer the format. As an artist I think very visually, and the screenplay suits my needs for getting the story on paper. 2) One day I would like to have these stories produced as feature films or series, and writing them as screenplays saves a step.

I have over half a dozen different stories I’ve been working on in my spare time for the last several years. Many of them have at least a first draft screenplay completed, but I’m often rewriting new drafts to improve both the story and my writing skills.

These stories range from a ghost film about a woman with a mysterious connection to a monument in her local cemetery...

To an epic space fantasy about a young woman who isn't supposed to exist that gets swept up in a power struggle when she realizes she carries the key to an ancient weapon.

To a post-apocalyptic world overrun with demons while a group of survivors tries to stay alive in this new Hell-on-Earth...

And several others. My goal with each story is to capture a world full of vibrant characters with emotional arcs and an epic struggle between opposing forces.

This Patreon not only affords me some time to work on the screenplays themselves, but also produce artwork to illustrate them, especially the cast of characters I've created for each of them.

On top of that, it also affords me the time to work on some fanart of some of my favorite franchises (most prominently Critical Role, which I know a lot of you are here for 😉), that have absolutely influenced and inspired my own stories. 


Right now, I earn my living through commissions and freelance work. I actually do quite a few commissions every month, and while I absolutely love doing it, it does have the downside of keeping me very busy. Too busy to work on my own projects, which unfortunately do not earn money at this time.

Patreon helps with that. While it is still growing, it does help supplement some time away from commission work to spend on my personal work.

But it's not just monetary support. By becoming a patron of my work, you are telling me that you are interested in my projects and want to see them come to life. Your support, and the support of other patrons also pledging to this Patreon, keeps me motivated to work on them! It's so helpful to know that you are cheering me on with these projects.

And bonus for you, you can help shape these projects yourself! You get to see an exclusive behind the scenes look at the worlds I'm building and the character within them, and provide feedback on what you think of them. I highly value the opinions of my patrons and often ask them for input or suggestions.

On top of that, other benefits to being a patron (depending on the tier you choose) includes downloadable content such as PSD files, video timelapses, sketches, and even excerpts from the screenplays themselves.
$362.45 of $500 per month
I will add signed posters (shipped every three months) to the reward tiers of $25 and above. Patrons will be able to vote on the content and designs of the posters. 
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