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You get access to the private discord chat channel.

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Same as previous tier plus a monthly discord voice hangout session with Harper and 1 free sticker from the merch store.

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You get all the benefits of the previous tiers plus some extra admin privileges in discord.  

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This is a great position if you wanna get to vote on new merch designs, new games for the stream and some other stuff. 

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What an honor it is to be a Captain in Harper's Department. Now you're gonna get access to Harper's Patreon only videos, behind the scene videos, and any dev videos. 

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Start you're career off with some sweet merch. Get early access to new merch. Get involved with stream related meetings. 

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The Colonel get's to give their two cents in any meetings regarding the channel and future changes. Plus some other awesome perks. 

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Do you want be my second in command and help make decisions with the channel? Or how about we have a weekly meeting about just whatever? How about a bunch of other awesome perks? There's only one spot open. You better take the position before it's gone.

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About Officer Harper

Hello and welcome to my page. I'm Officer Harper on facebook. I'm a police officer in Grand Theft Auto V but I also like to play other games. My goal is to create content that entertains everyone. I hope that you decide to support me so that I can continue to support this creative venture.
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At $50 a month I will create poles in which the patrons will get to vote on which games I purchase for streaming.
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