Mia Rose is creating Music VIdeos

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* Exclusive access to my Patreon-Only feed. 
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* The Mp3 of all the monthly Youtube Video songs, sent straight to you. This way you can take my latest song with you, everywhere you go! (maybe share it with a few friends and spread the #Rose lov...

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* Get an exclusive unpublished photo of me sent every month JUST for you! :)
+ All rewards from lower packages.

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* Exclusive unpublished short video (Instagram / Vine style) of me sent to you every month! Just for my amazing 10+ Patrons! (I promise i'll make you laugh) 
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* Get exclusive access to my Patron only mailbox where you can send ideas, questions and requests. Once a month I select a few of these at random and address them in a patron-only ...

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* Personalised Video just for you, thanking you for being so cool and for supporting my campaign :)
* Never published / Exclusive monthly acapella version of a song of my choice...

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* Exclusive one-on-one 30 minute skype call where we can talk about absolutely anything! I can sing to you, share stories, tell jokes etc 
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