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Hi all!

This is the official patron site for the creative works of yours truly, James and Sydney Morse, and our collaborators. This is a place where we keep all of our patrons updated with releases of music, art, graphics, and process along the way! We're excited to share in this adventure with you, and we realize that without you all, our wonderful audience, these works of art we scrap together would hardly be possible and meaningful.

Featured Patrons:

Kristine Bremer
Elijah Baker
Mike and Laurie Morse
Theresa Morse
Kaitlyn DeForest

All-Time Honorable Mentions:

Kathleen Garrett
Rosemary and Jim Hartley
Brian and Laura Baker
Greg and Emily Harrell
Chris DuPont
Maddie Baker
Ethan Baker
Payton Baker
Kevin and Vicki Hartley
Mary Hartley

Maureen and D.R. Helm
Gary Helm
Brad Helm
Karen and David Erie
Scotty Smith
Savannah Cain
Jake and Natalie Schirra
Toma Tadros
Will Derr
Damon Moon
Adrien and Nicole Sandercock
Devin Sparkman
Monica Cahal
Ben Kinzer
Joe Crabb
Bangseh Akuchu
Sharod Bryant

Jasmine Gonzalez
Natalie Larkins
Chris Larkins
David Arellano
Patrick Creamer
Jonathan Edwards
Noah and Kat Schaich
Kristine Bremer
Elijah Baker

like broken tiles arranged together, we are out of many, one, out of one, many... in a field surrounded by darkness... each of us is seeking an incandescence of the soul

[...Our calling, our mission, and our passion is to discover through the craft of habit and to co-create icons, experiences, and stories that are True, Good, and Beautiful. In particular, we are making in the fields of writing, music, video, graphics, and painting. It is our hope to combine the particular fields for the purpose of creating multi-dimensional works of art that can reach a diverse audience of supporters...]

Our intention is ultimately to draw all whom we encounter into greater communion, even though it may mean challenges and division along the way, and to develop a deep recognition of the harrowing existential realities in which we find ourselves. This leads us to paradox, a gestalt of darks and lights that we cannot fully comprehend except through the eyes of faith.

_______of.mosaics media is a collaborative effort of artists looking to support one another in the creative process and journey of becoming. We are husband and wife, friends, artist-duo, and fellow companions with you all, our generous and dedicated supporters!

We are based out of Atlanta, and we currently live in Marietta with our beloved cat, Scooter, and Byzantine tortoise, Gwen.
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When we reach 100 patrons, we are going to host a party for all of those who have contributed !
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