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Hello, I am Christian Founder of Ogardonix Entertainment. I develop video games, create content about this topic and try to help others to enter this wonderful world by themselves. Also, I have not yet broken all bridges to the normal earthly problems and I am always trying new ways to market games and game development. 

Most of the time I develop assets, tools, and games with a small team. With my wife Caroline we help other studios with consulting for business management, marketing and sales. Much of what you find here on Patreon is based on our experience of the last 20 years.

But what exactly am I doing now and why should you become part of it?

On our Patreon site, we publish tutorials on topics like game development, marketing for game developers, creating websites for game developers and much more. Some of them are available for everyone and some are only available for our Patreons.

So you can get step by step instructions for Unity3d, Unreal Engine and other Engines in written or video form or a PDF with all necessary steps to successfully create advertising for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms. Since not everyone can afford the PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, we also cover the organic marketing via Facebook, Twitter and co. The goal is to make 

There will be something for everyone and we try to supply the full spectrum of the industry.

Tools and Assets:

Almost every day we write new tools, 3dassets, and scripts that make our lives easier. We improve them for ourselves and for our patreons.

All tools and assets are freely available for our patreons and do not need to be purchased in one of the many marketplaces. It is also possible to ask for a specific asset and if we can use it ourselves, we will produce the asset and any of our Patreons can download it.


Of course, we primarily want to develop video games and publish them. But we also want to share what we have learned in the last years with others. That's why we attach great importance to good quality, both in our games and in our tutorials and assets.

Currently, we are developing on Ralin, an MMORPG. In the future, we will add smaller games that are faster in development and more casual.

As a Patreon of a certain tier, you get access to all Pre-Alphas, Alphas, and Betas including Family and Friends, so you can invite family and friends. You will be credited with special items that will show other players that you have been a part of the development even after release.
From a certain animal on you will be listed in all credits with the desired name and you will receive goodies and discounts for friends.

From another tier on you will be listed as producer, because we consider this as a kind of investor.


The Discord Server is for anyone who likes to discuss game development and video games. Of course, there are also restricted areas for the people who support me here on Patreon.

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