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- Early access
- Hi-res contents
- Comission reservation
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- Previous rewards
- Work-in-progress
- Sketch / Failure-works
- Unselected options/Variation pics
- Suggestion for poll on twitter
- Request on streaming
- Questions about drawing
- etc
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Basically, This plan and next one are same as Plan2. In any case, I give you my greatest thanks.
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About Ohasi

About me
Hello! Im Ohasi! I have drawing a bit funny & lewd artworks on mainly twitter everyday.

I started practicing drawing in earnest in Feb-2020. I've been drawing every day for about a year now, and I feel I'm getting a little better compared with that days. (I wanna publish some of the old drawings in here) Btw, now I post my daily practice here (@Ohasi_sub)


Detail of Rewards
Early access
About a pic I drawing everyday(OC's), I post the sketch as soon as done it. and you can see the line-drawing and finished one about it a bit earlier.
As for other drawing, you can see finished one 1~3 days earlier than SNS.
- Hi-res contents
you can access unshrunk .jpg and .psd file.
- Commission reservation
You can reserve it when closed.

- WIP / Sketch / Failure-works
It mean all my drawing including idea phase, not just finished one.
Suggestion/Vote for poll on twitter
Call for options for a poll to be conducted on Twitter. or discuss it.
- Unselected options/Variation pics
Pics about options not selected as a result of poll. and diff pics.
- Request on streaming (in preparation)
- Questions about drawing
- etc
Basically same as Plan2. But It will be a great help for my drawing. Thank you so much!!
Thank you for all patrons for supporting my drawing!!
I hope to keep drawing and give a laugh and lewdness >:D


My Purpose & Goal
I still don't have clear final-goal for my drawing. But I would like to devote more resources to drawing in order to improve more, In this reason, I've opened Patreon. (If I have a chance, I'm interested in making short-animation) Your support will be used for rent and livehood. If more time can be acquired, I'll add more characters, increase the frequency of polls, and provide more fun (and some lewd :3). And I'd also like to share some tips on how to improve drawing.

I can't provide skillful illustrations at this stage, but I can bring a tiny laugh into your life once a day. I would appreciate your support. Thank you!
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Stable life ;D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 325 exclusive posts

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