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About Oh Happy Plants

Oh Happy Plants is working to build a repository of the best house plant care information on the internet!  Here are our core practices:

  • We know that the same plant will have different needs in a different environment. Our information is built on the intuitive knowledge that each home environment is unique and will cause plants to respond in varying ways. There is no single right answer!
  • We know that plants are complex living things with immune systems, so we treat them holistically.
  • We know that plants 'talk' and it's up to us to learn to 'hear' them. We pay attention to how plants exhibit signs of stress and learn to adapt our care to suit their needs.
  • We know that a growth mindset is the best way to approach plant care! Pun intended :) This means that we WILL screw things up occasionally, and we WILL try again!
OHP info is based on Veronica's experience: after sixteen years keeping house plants, she joined the 'interiorscape' industry and found out just how much she didn't know! After seven years of work with thousands and thousands of plants in hundreds of locations, Veronica gained an intuitive knowledge of plants. Backed by a massive amount of additional research, she's bringing this info to you in the form of tutorials, a podcast, and specialized house plant care products that are the best on the market!

Please consider supporting OHP through direct donation, which goes toward funding the production and maintenance of our membership site, videos, and (soon-to-be) podcast. We're working hard to make the most relevant, well-informed plant care info available for free.

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